Interested in Getting Involved?

I’m hoping to put as big of a dent as possible in the needs list of churches in this area.  That said, I’m currently flying solo in this exciting adventure so I’m hopeful there’s interest from others to get involved.  As a result, I can definitely use any extra help the Lord sends my way and would love to work with you if interested.  Do you have a similar background and feel led by Christ to assist in this manner?  If so, click below and get involved in a ministry to serve God.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

I want this ministry to be EVERYTHING God wants it to be and NOTHING more.  If the Lord’s plans are for just me to answer this call and serve Him in the exact way I’ve outlined that I feel led to, fantastic!  If it’s His will for this ministry to morph into something bigger with a number of people serving with me, equally fantastic!  So long as it’s HIS perfect will being done, I’m genuinely ecstatic!

You see, I have some abilities in the IT space, but far from all skills needed to serve every need that might arise.  Of course I’d love to eventually see this ministry be able to support any request that pops up.  With that goal in mind, if anyone with an IT background reads this and feels the Lord leading you to get involved, please know your help would be greatly welcomed and appreciated!

So, if this sounds like a good fit for you and, after some time in prayer (please start there), you feel the Lord leading you to get involved, please send me an E-Mail and we can go from there.  Either way, I could sure use your prayers if you’d be willing to send them up on my behalf (if so, please do).  God bless!

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group of people huddling